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Creative Moron

Today I Learned: 2024-06-16

TIL1 min read

 “Godfather of Grass,” Boone was a leader of what was dubbed the “Cornbread Mafia,”

Possibly the coolest nicknames / aliases to ever exist.

What Would You Do If You Could Do Anything? - Mike Martens

Loved the sentiment of this. After deliberation, 'if I could do anything', I would be PM by day, collaborate with an elite crack team of designers and PR people to create weird pranky conceptual pieces after hours, and operate a secret speakeasy lounge on the weekends.

Ends up getting your art exhibited in a major metropolitan city costs $1000 give or take.

Got an advertisement for The Holy Art Gallery - which lead me to researching it and finding this site of gallery / art dealer reviews - and learning about 'vanity galeries'; had no idea this was an established thing.